Integration Software
  • CoRePublisher
    • Publish Cognos reports to SharePoint libraries
    • Map Cognos report data with SharePoint lists
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  • CoRePublisher
    • SharePoint, FTP, WebDav, Dropbox,,
      HTTP put, any folder or network share, ...
    • Every custom target which provides an API
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  • InShape
    • Most intuitive way to solve database performance problems
    • Suited for IBM Cognos query profiling
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  • CoMetReporter
    • Full datalineage from report to model DB layer
    • Extensive bulk impact analysis on report and model metadata
    • Report on all Cognos Connection metadata
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Welcome to xplore+

Business intelligence is more than just the BI platform. xplore+ provides a toolset that enables you to do more with your existing platform. Publishing reports to enterprise CMS, metadata reporting, data lineage, advanced visualizations or mobile BI… xplore+ builds software based on concrete needs in the field.

“Creative solutions
offering new


CoRePublisher is a powerful, yet lightweight, file distribution tool to publish your IBM Cognos BI reports to other CMS systems. It features dynamic and conditional logic to transfer reports to other content management systems.
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CoMetReporter is a metadata reporting layer on top of IBM Cognos BI to gain extensive insight into your BI environment. CoMet gathers Framework Manager model and Cognos Connection metadata and makes it available as a reporting layer embedded in IBM Cognos.
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One of the most challenging tasks for an Oracle database administrator is to solve performance issues which impact business critical processes. InShape was designed from the ground up with performance tuning in mind, it divides complex database information into logically grouped categories.
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