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CoRePublisher enables a new level of BI in SharePoint

The word on the street says “SharePoint 2013 named leader in self-service BI” and “SharePoint 2013 leverages BI collaboration”… Find out about these BI benefits and features in SharePoint and how CoRePublisher helps in integrating IBM Cognos BI content.

About Microsoft BI

Where initially MS SharePoint started off as an Enterprise Content Management System, offering portal services such as document libraries, project sites, intranet sites etc., the 2013 edition has now clearly extended its BI and data capabilities (you can find a good overview of the new key features here: SharePoint raises the bar). Continued integration of Excel 2013 (MOSS), with -to name only one new feature- its stunning new data visualizations, enhanced mobile support and an app or widget way for adding built-in or custom (BI) functionality, made Forrester Research pin Microsoft BI as a leader in Self-Service BI platforms (Microsoft named self-service BI leader).

SharePoint 2013 Apps

CoRePublisher enables a new level of BI in SharePoint SharePoint2013Apps

As for the corporate backend BI stack there are no doubts either: Microsoft BI soon will come or -maybe better- has come to the point where they stand next to the large BI vendors, such as IBM Cognos, SAP Business Objects, SAS, Oracle BI, Microstrategy, …

Corporate BI today

What we see in large and midsize companies is a diversification of the BI toolset. One reason for this variety of BI software, is a take-in of pre-packaged software applications (or appliances) coming with out-of-the-box BI modules on top of them, but not being in line with the corporate BI system. Another reason is the Big Data hype, which comes with a whole new toolset, and we all have big data and we all want to analyze it. And, one more, a real die-hard, is the continued use of Excel by business users, it’s oh so easy and flexible, everybody knows Excel and almost none of us want to say goodbye to it. Adding to that the growing demand for self-service BI and yet again a new range of BI and data discovery tools emerge in your company.

One BI interface

Currently, the biggest challenge in BI is to provide a conformed and single BI interface or view, hiding all technologies IT comes up with to help business in doing their business. Looking at SharePoint 2013 for this purpose just might take you there. Already with SharePoint 2010, and now even more with 2013, the tools are there to consolidate your BI front-end and offer a central BI access point to your business users.

Great Outdoors BI Collaboration in SharePoint 2013 Example

CoRePublisher enables a new level of BI in SharePoint SharePointBICollaboration

This BI Interface on the sample Great Outdoors Sales Overview report, consists of:

  • a document library, containing the XLS report output from IBM Cognos
  • a chart component, sourcing directly from the XLS report
  • a project planning web part, showing milestones related to changes on the report
  • a list web part, sowing the report’s data lineage metadata
  • a discussion web part

The web parts you see on this example page are all standard SharePoint 2013 web parts.

xplore+ assists in creating this mashup.

SharePoint offers the portal and visualization services you need to create a BI mashup, sourcing from the different BI tools your company is using. The CoRePublisher software can serve as a report or data delivery manager, allowing you to automate report publications generated in IBM Cognos, Oracle and Microsoft BI.

CRP offers next functionality:

  • Upload/publish report outputs to a SharePoint Document Library.
  • Map the report’s metadata using the source BI system’s metadata.
  • Map a SharePoint list with report list data.

In the above SharePoint mashup example, next web parts are loaded using CoRePublisher:

A SharePoint Document Library:

CoRePublisher enables a new level of BI in SharePoint sbicoll doc lib part

A SharePoint List:

CoRePublisher enables a new level of BI in SharePoint sbicoll splist part

The source for the chart web part is the IBM Cognos Excel report:

CoRePublisher enables a new level of BI in SharePoint sbicoll chart web part

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