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IBM Cognos Collaboration through SharePoint Online.

Secure Collaboration with External Partners

Since Microsoft came up with it’s Office 365 cloud offering, more and more companies are moving towards this powerful platform. Powerful, since you don’t need to manage the required hardware infrastructure and software anymore on-site but also because this cloud platform is offering you extensive secure team-focused as well as project-focused collaboration options towards your external partners. Securely sharing documents and even supporting co-authoring is possible as of the moment you subscribed and your SharePoint Online platform is configured and set up (which is basically within just a few minutes). Configure a new user and off you go. Additionally, the SharePoint Online system allows you to deploy a company-wide intranet portal used to make information and news available across your organization.

Public Website

SharePoint Online also includes a public website, fully customizable and providing SharePoint’s publishing capabilities, web parts (social media add-ins, blogging and all kinds of SharePoint apps) and advanced design options. A governmental organization could, for example, share part of its public data in PDF, CSV or Excel, sourced from its IBM Cognos platform, through its public SharePoint Online site or even multiple SharePoint Online sites. This setup can be used as an alternative for making part or your whole IBM Cognos Connection portal publically available on the web, eliminating security risks and complex configurations of the Cognos system.

Publish IBM Cognos reports to SharePoint 2013 Online

As of CoRePublisher v2.2.5, a SharePoint 2013 Online connector is available allowing you to publish your IBM Cognos reports to SharePoint Online. This can be your own SharePoint Online platform… or that of your external partner(s). The SharePoint 2013 Online connector allows you to use all CoRePublisher‘s functionality the same way as you would be publishing to a sharePoint site in your local domain:

  • you can dynamically configure the conditions based on which the IBM Cognos report must be picked up for publishing
  • you can dynamically configure the target SharePoint site parameters (URL, Document Library Name, etc.)
  • you can map SharePoint Online metadata using IBM Cognos metadata

Example of a document library in SharePoint 2013 Online, containing different folders which can be securely shared to a user or a group of stakeholders, the PDF reports in the folders are sourced from IBM Cognos and published using CoRePublisher:

IBM Cognos Collaboration through SharePoint Online. SharePoint Online Collaboration


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