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The Cloud as IBM Cognos Mobile Enabler

Mobile Reality

Business and mobile go hand in hand these days. Do not hesitate to believe the mobile wave is changing our lives ánd our business. It’s hyped but it’s real. With WiFi and G3/4 spots popping out like mushrooms and a wide range of (business) apps flocking down to our app stores and literally into the palm of our hand, we are able to respond in no time from anywhere to whatever request, issue or event going on in our business. Mobile will lift business interaction to a next level of “real-time doing business”. Forrester speaks of Mobile BI as the new “BI Mantra” in this article.

Mobile BI…

At this point, the IBM Cognos BI Mobile app is specifically designed for iPad. In most companies, the operational network usually is a Windows (Active Directory managed) network. Making a wireless connection to an enterprise Microsoft network using an Apple iPad is not always as straight forward as we wish it to be. Although some enterpsises are gradually starting to use BI as a service in the cloud (for their less sensitive BI or for BI delivery to external partners), most of the time the BI portals are only accessible through the Intranet. On the other hand, the mobile devices we use, are connected to the Internet. Since the Active Reports, serving in the IBM Cognos app as content and UI providers, are generated on the IBM Cognos BI server, we need to get them on the iPad, one way or another. You can try to start your iPad-connecting-to-Active-Directory project but you will probably bump into the Windows Engineering Team resistance and technical struggle to get it done, within reasonable time and budget.

…and the cloud

Or you can look at easy alternatives such as using mail for this purpose, but then the Active Report’s size needs to be limited and also “mail” and “secure” do not go well together. Or, much better, you could use a cloud-based Content Management System such as DropBox or to publish your Active Reports to. At this moment we’re disconnected from our company’s network, eliminating a sensitive and hard-to-overcome obstacle, and we can connect with our iPad freely to our private cloud to download the Active Report.

CoRePublisher Enables IBM Cognos Mobile Using Dropbox

Using CoRePublisher this type of IBM Cognos-Cloud integration is only one small step away. CRP allows you to publish and manage your IBM Cognos Reports, saved in any type of output format, to one or more Dropbox accounts. Using the Dropbox mobile app your report consumers can securely access their Cognos reports in the cloud. With the Dropbox app alone, you can already view PDF, Excel or HTML Cognos report outputs. And, small detail, the Dropbox mobile app is available on Android phone and tablet, Blackberry phone, Windows Phone and tablet, iPhone and iPad.

View the report using the Dropbox mobile app:

The Cloud as IBM Cognos Mobile Enabler CRPDropboxBlogScreen3s

The Cloud as IBM Cognos Mobile Enabler CRPDropboxBlogScreen7s

The Cloud as IBM Cognos Mobile Enabler CognosDropboxSamsungS3

Instead of the static PDF reports you can view with the Dropbox app, the IBM Cognos Mobile app for iPad offers additional interactivity through the use of active reports (MHT files). These files can also be uploaded using CoRePublisher to your Dropbox, from where you can add and open them in the IBM Cognos Mobile app.

View the report using the IBM Cognos Mobile app for iPad in 3 steps:

The Cloud as IBM Cognos Mobile Enabler xCognosIPadDropboxStep1s

The Cloud as IBM Cognos Mobile Enabler xCognosIPadDropboxStep2s

The Cloud as IBM Cognos Mobile Enabler xCognosIPadDropboxStep4s

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