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IBM Cognos Collaboration through SharePoint Online.

Secure Collaboration with External Partners Since Microsoft came up with it’s Office 365 cloud offering, more and more companies are moving towards this powerful platform. Powerful, since you don’t need to manage the required hardware infrastructure and software anymore on-site but also because this cloud platform is […]

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CoRePublisher enables a new level of BI in SharePoint

The word on the street says “SharePoint 2013 named leader in self-service BI” and “SharePoint 2013 leverages BI collaboration”… Find out about these BI benefits and features in SharePoint and how CoRePublisher helps in integrating IBM Cognos BI content. About Microsoft BI Where initially MS SharePoint started […]

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IBM Cognos URL Mapping in SharePoint

By creating a default CoMetReporter configuration for parsing a Cognos Export (via Cognos Content Administration) of one or more folders containing your reports you can automatically generate an XML file containing the necessary URL information through CoMetreporter’s reporting package …

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The Cloud as IBM Cognos Mobile Enabler

Mobile Reality Business and mobile go hand in hand these days. Do not hesitate to believe the mobile wave is changing our lives ánd our business. It’s hyped but it’s real. With WiFi and G3/4 spots popping out like mushrooms and a wide range of (business) apps […]

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