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Set Up a Configurator Cognos Output Folder

Setting up a “Configurator” or “CRP Admin” Cognos Output Folder When you choose to set up more than 1 Cognos output location (as described in chapter 2.6.2) it is advised to set up a second “configurator” folder for each of the output folders defined. For xample: Since […]

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The CoRePublisher Monitor Explained

How the CoRePublisher Monitor Service Works This component monitors the IBM Cognos output location(s). As soon as the CRP Monitor is being started, all reports available at that point in time in the Cognos output location(s) will be processed. As of the moment the CRP Monitor application […]

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VBScript Is Not Being Evaluated

Recurring ERROR in Monitor log: unable to evaluate VBScript (checking conditions) Applicable to versions: CRP 2.x Problem CoRePublisher uses VBScript for adding additional functionality when building conditions or configuring target publications. VBScript is evaluated using Microsoft’s MSScriptControl. In some cases (for example Windows 2008 Server 64bit) it […]

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CoRePublisher Basic Troubleshooting Guidelines

Using these slides you will be able to do a first health check and to resolve basic issues that might prevent the CoRePublisher service from publishing your IBM Cognos reports. You will also be able to better narrow down the problem, and hence to accelerate the support […]

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Publish IBM Cognos Reports To SharePoint Online with CoRePublisher

CoRePublisher v2.2.5 comes with a new SharePoint Online target plugin. This connector allows you to publish your IBM Cognos reports to your Microsoft SharePoint Online collaboration platform in the cloud. As part of Microsoft’s Office 365 suite, SharePoint Online offers its powerful collaboration functionalities in the cloud, […]

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CoRePublisher Common Home Directories Explained

The basics The CoRePublisher software consists out of 2 main components: the CRP Server and the CRP Client. The CRP server is a windows service which can monitor one or more IBM Cognos output locations (physical folder locations on the Cognos server or a share). The CRP […]

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Add additional metadata to your publications

The basics When reports are being saved to disk by the IBM Cognos Service, a *_desc.xml file is provided along with the report. This file contains metadata about the report you were running such as the Cognos searchpath, the burstkey, prompts you selected, etc. This image shows […]

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CoRePublisher Installation and Configuration Quick Guide

These slides provide you with quick hands-on guidelines in order to install and configure the CoRePublisher software in a basic, proof of concept way. For a complete reference please refer to the CoRePublisher Installation and Configuration Manual. xplore+ CoRePublisher Installation and Configuration Quick Guide from Dieter Bauwens

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Distributing IBM Cognos Reports To Dropbox Using Shared Folders

Publish reports to 1 Dropbox, distribute via Shared Folders In case you would need to publish IBM Cognos reports to different Dropbox accounts, you would need to generate different tokens, in order to access the different Dropboxes. However, there is a risk involved if those tokens are […]

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CoRePublisher Re-publish Folder

Re-publish Failed Reports As a best practice it is recommended to create a monitor folder which you can use to quickly re-publish a failed publication without interfering with the monitored Cognos output folders. For example: As of CRP version 2.2.2, reports, which failed to publish, are saved […]

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