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CoRePublisher Re-publish Folder

Re-publish Failed Reports As a best practice it is recommended to create a monitor folder which you can use to quickly re-publish a failed publication without interfering with the monitored Cognos output folders. For example: As of CRP version 2.2.2, reports, which failed to publish, are saved […]

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IBM Cognos Dropbox Integration With CoRePublisher

Managed Dropbox report publications with CRP CoRePublisher allows you to manage and publish your IBM Cognos Reports, saved in any type of output format, to one or more Dropbox accounts. CoRePublisher is an approved Dropbox API App. Before you start you need to allow the CRP App […]

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Restarting the CoRePublisher Monitor Service

Restarting the CRP Monitor Service This is an overview of which configuration changes require you to restart the CoRePublisher Monitor service: all changes in the CRP_Config.xml file of the CoRePublisher Monitor; this includes adding a new department or publications group; log directory, plugin directory and email notification […]

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CoRePublisher: recurring warning log “incorrect VB syntax” explained

Recurring WARNING message in the Monitor log: incorrect VB syntax Applicable to versions: CRP 2.2.2 and higher Problem When the CoRePublisher Monitor is monitoring an IBM Cognos output folder, and when a report is being saved, all conditions configured in all active publications are being checked against […]

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Microsoft Lync IE Add-on Blocks Report Studio

Report Studio hick ups caused by Microsoft Lync Add-on Applies to next IBM Cognos versions: IBM Cognos 8.x and 10.x Behavior seen in next IE versions (Lync Add-on is only compatible in IE): IE7 In later IE versions, the Lync Add-on still consumes a lot of resources, […]

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Why CoRePublisher deletes files when processed

CoRePublisher monitors a Windows folder or share by checking every 10 seconds for *_desc.xml files (these are IBM Cognos metadata files which come with Cognos reports when saved to disk). When a report is detected it is being processed and deleted afterwards. If files would not be deleted …

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