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Microsoft Lync IE Add-on Blocks Report Studio

Report Studio hick ups caused by Microsoft Lync Add-on

Applies to next IBM Cognos versions:

  • IBM Cognos 8.x and 10.x

Behavior seen in next IE versions (Lync Add-on is only compatible in IE):

  • IE7

In later IE versions, the Lync Add-on still consumes a lot of resources, although less visible. IE 9 for example comes with an “Add-on Performance Advisor” tool to monitor and control performance.

The problem

When Microsoft Lync is installed on your workstation, it comes with 2 Internet Explorer Add-ons: Lync add-on and Lync Brower Helper. These add-ons will scan every webpage you navigate to for telephone number patterns. When a telephone number is detected it will tag it by showing a telephone icon next to it. This way you can simply dial the number using Lync by clicking the icon. Note that the Lync add-on only works in IE.

In IE7 an enabled Lync add-on can cause severe hick ups when working in IBM Cognos Report Studio. Every 2 or 3 seconds you cannot perform any action and have to wait for 2 seconds for your browser window to be responsive again. Report development using Report Studio takes about twice as long.


You could use Firefox ESR 10, since this browser is supported for IBM Cognos 10.1.1 (if you have FP1 installed) or higher.

Or you could disable the Lync add-on in IE7 using the Tools menu and Manage Add-ons option.

Microsoft Lync IE Add on Blocks Report Studio manage add ons

Microsoft Lync IE Add on Blocks Report Studio internet options

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  1. This has been a huge problem for Cognos users in my company, where Report Studio performance was actually far worse than you indicate above – it was unusable.
    Problems started around the time Lync was installed, but until I saw this article it wasn’t possible to make a firm connection between the two.
    Disabling the two add-ons restores the performance we used to have.

    Thank you, bedankt, merci!

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