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Set Up a Configurator Cognos Output Folder

Setting up a “Configurator” or “CRP Admin” Cognos Output Folder

When you choose to set up more than 1 Cognos output location (as described in chapter 2.6.2) it is advised to set up a second “configurator” folder for each of the output folders defined. For xample:

Set Up a Configurator Cognos Output Folder  crp admin cognos output folder

Since the CRP Monitor will be monitoring the Creat Outdoors Reports folder you will not be able to pick up reports and their xml metadata files for which you wish to create new configurations. The CRP Monitor picks up the reports immediately and if no conditions are met, they will by default be deleted.

Using a “CRP Configurator” or “CRP Admin” output folder allows users to pick up the Cognos xml metadata files to build new conditions with, without any CRP monitoring on that folder. Please set the appropriate Cognos and NT security on this folder so that regular users are not bothered.

CoRePublisher monitors a Windows folder or share by checking every 10 seconds for *_desc.xml files (these are IBM Cognos metadata files which come with Cognos reports when saved to disk). When a report is detected it is being processed and deleted afterwards. If files would not be deleted:

  • all files would be processed every 10 seconds causing a lot of overhead and eventually slowing down publications;
  • this would add complexity in the management of this output folder;
  • errors could occur if another third party application or manual intervention would also read and process some of the Cognos reports; errors could occur in all directions: in CRP or in the other process;
  • you would need to set up your own cleanup script in order to make sure that, for example a burst would not consume all disk space, which might again interfere with CRP processing and could cause errors.

Also, taking into account the fact that Cognos 8.x and 10.x provide a way to easily set up multiple output folders where reports can be stored on a physical location (which can be restricted to Active Directory or Cognos groups by granting access permissions through Cognos Connection security configurations), we think there is little effort in creating other output folders which you can use separately from the CoRePublisher setup.

Additional reading: The CoRePublisher Installation Manual describes how to set up the IBM Cognos output folders.

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