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The CoRePublisher Monitor Explained

How the CoRePublisher Monitor Service Works

This component monitors the IBM Cognos output location(s). As soon as the CRP Monitor is being started, all reports available at that point in time in the Cognos output location(s) will be processed. As of the moment the CRP Monitor application has initialized and the current reports have been processed, a folder polling mechanism (using a 10 seconds timer) detects new files and will check the new or modified file against the conditions as configured. If a condition is matched for the file it will be picked up and it will be published to the target system as configured. Multiple monitors can be configured (for support of multiple departments or groups).

Note: The Cognos output locations, the condition configurations and publication parameters are being saved in XML files, through the CoRePublisher Configuration interface (refer to the CoRePublisher User Manual on how to build conditions and set up target configurations). The common home directory location(s) and plugin location are configured manually in the installation directory of the CRP Monitor (refer to the CRM Monitor Configuration chapter).

When IBM Cognos saves a report to disk, always 2 files are being saved:

  • the report itself;
  • and an XML metadata file containing a number of parameters as provided in Cognos Connection.

The Monitor will look for these file pairs. It starts with checking for *_desc.xml files. All other files are being ignored and will not be processed. It will check the XML file; and if it is a valid IBM Cognos metadata file it will look for the accompanying report. Files that do not match an IBM Cognos report pair, will be disregarded. If an IBM Cognos XML metadata file is found, but the report is not yet detected (e.g. in case of a large report), the Monitor will wait for 10 seconds and try again to check if the report is already present; this action is started in a separate thread. The check is repeated 10x.

CRP Monitor Process Diagram:

The CoRePublisher Monitor Explained crp monitor process diagram

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