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CoRePublisher 2.2 released

CRP 2.2 has just been released, here’s what’s new:

New Features

Support for multiple departments

It is now possible to configure more than 1 department or separated groups of publications. Every department has its own home directory (which can be fully secured on NT level), making sure users cannot see or change configurations of other groups or departments.

One home directory still supports multiple Cognos output locations.

Publications of the different departments each reading from one or more Cognos output locations are handled by one Windows Service.

Enable/disable publications

Every single publication can now be enabled or disabled. Before, publications were at all times enabled.


Reports can be zipped when published to a target.

E-mail notification

When a publication is being configured you can have the CRP Monitor send an e-mail when it has been executed. Both success and failures are send.

VBScript for building expressions

VBScript can now be used for all parameters, bringing more functionality into your publications.

Changed Features


The CRP Monitor logging is extended. Every department will have logging in a separate directory. Also the root logging directory can be configured now in the CRP_Config.xml.

Folder/Share target

You can use custom credentials when publishing to another Folder or Network share (impersonation principle).

FTP target

The target path parameter has been split into host, port, target path and filename providing more flexibility. Also an SSL option for Explicit Encryption has been added.

New Publication Targets

Next new target plugins have been developed:

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