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We are commited to safeguard your privacy. This is why we have made following rules.

Website Registrations

When you leave your contact information at our website, we will sent you occasional emails containing product news or special offerings.

We will not sell, publish or abuse the information you provide us.

If you wish to unsubscribe, send a mail to from the email address you want to unsubscribe.

If you leave your contact information at our site, you always have the right to know what information we keep.
Should you want to consult, change or request to remove this information, send an email to using the email address you want to consult.


We will never send you a mail requesting for sensitive information. This includes but not restricts bank account information, usernames and passwords, company financial data, …

Spam- and SpyFree

Our tools will never connect to the internet without your knowledge.

The only occasion a connection to the internet is made, is after a user initiated action, such as checking for a new version of the product.



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